Forged Steel Globe Valve

Forged Steel Globe Valve

Forged Steel Globe Valve:

1. Feature:

(1). Small fluid resistance, suitable pressure, wide temperature range, medium flow unrestricted, good sealing performance.

(2) sealing surface is not easy to wear and abrasion, good in sealing, no relative sliding between the valve and the valve sealing surface when opening and closing, and thus wear and abrasion are not serious, good sealing performance, long service life.

2. The valve body material:

A182F304L, A105, A182F316L, A182-F304, A182-F316, A182-F22

3. Standard:

Design Standard: GB/T 12234-1989, GB/T 12235-1989

Connection Standard: GB/T 12234-1989, GB/T 9113, JB/T82.1

Test Standard: JB/T 9092-1999

Structure Length Standard: GB/T 12221, JB 96-75

Pressure Temperature: GB/T 12234-1989

4. Specification:

Nominal Pressure 1.6 Mpa to 16 Mpa
Nominal Diameter 15 mm to 50 mm
Working Temperature -29 to 180, -29 to 425, -29 to 550
Port Form Direct
Drive Way Hand Drive, Pneumatic Drive, Electric Drive
Connection Flange, Inner Thread, Welded
Medium: Water, Oil, Steam, Nitric Acid, Acetic Acid
5. Forged Steel Globe Valve Drawing Picture:

Forged Steel Globe Valve Drawing Picture

6. Related Forged Steel Valve Picture:

Related Forged Steel Valve Picture


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