Hydraulic Casing Cutter

Hydraulic Casing Cutter

Hydraulic Casing Cutter

Features of Hydraulic Casing Cutter:

Hydraulic casing cutter is built to withstand extreme shock encountered in cutting multiple strings of uncentralized casings. Due to the unique construction of this tool, the rugged cutter arms expand ourwards up to 5 times the diameter of the tool body and achieve maximum stability under all types of adverse cutting conditions, including hard spots, eccentricity, interrupted cuts, etc. For example, the 13 3/8” cutter measures only 11 3/4” diameter and cuts all ranges and weights of pipe through 60”.


  • Cutting multiple strings smoothly, even when each string is not concentric;
  • Affording maximum expansion of blades up to 5 times of body diameter;
  • Rugged 3-blade construction provides fast cut at high speeds;
  • Cutter arms can retract when drilling rod is lifted;
  • Cutter arms can be changed on rig floor;

Specifications of Hydraulic Casing Cutter:


Body OD

Casing Range

Connection Thread


11 3/4” (298mm)

13 3/8” - 60”



8” (203mm)

9 5/8”- 20”



53/4” (146mm)

7” - 16”

3 1/2REG

Pictures of Hydraulic Casing Cutter:

Hydraulic Casing Cutter.jpg

Hydraulic Casing Cutter

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