Hydrophore Tank

Hydrophore Tank

1. Hydrophore Tank Introduction

The Hydrophore Tank is appropriate for the water supply system (fresh water, seawater) on board.

Also, it is an instrument for obtaining samples of water (as in a river, lake, or ocean) from any desired depth.

2. Hydrophore Tank Main technical requirements

2.1 Volume: 0.12-3.0m3

2.2 Working pressure: 0.6MPa

2.3 Design pressure: 0.7MPa

2.4 Strength test pressure: 1.05MPa

2.5 Air tightness test pressure: 0.875MPa

2.5 Open pressure of safety valve: 0.63MPa

2.6 Working temperature: 0~45℃

2.7 Design temperature: 50℃


3. Hydrophore Tank Principle description

The Hydrophore Tank uses the pressure water pumped by water pump in tank to compress air so as to keep the water in tank under a proper pressure for the use on board

Liquid level meter: to show the water level condition in tank.

Pressure gauge: to show the pressure in tank.

Pressure controller: to control the start and stop of water pump. When the pressure in tank is under 0.4Mpa, the water pump will start to feed water into tank until the pressure reaches 0.6Mpa.

Safety valve: When the pressure in tank is more than 0.63Mpa, the safety valve will open to release the pressure in tank.

Charge valve: to charge the compressed air into tank.

Discharging valve: to empty the water in tank when maintaining.

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