die forging blank

die forging blank

We are forged auto parts supplier for nearly all kinds of auto parts, besides, our products also cover many other aspects.

The forged auto parts for instance: Front axle and assembly, balance shaft and assy, steering knuckle, steering knuckle arm, steering arm, Thrust rod, Camshaft, bearing block, cross axle, differential / case, steering screw, knuckle arm, spring pin, lifting lug, ball rod end, etc.

The main forging process invlved as followed:

1.Raw material choosing
2.Heating special treated
3.Forging the blanks
4.Trimming to form
5.Q/T treatment

We have more than 230 large scaled Equipment for forging and machining. We are a big factory which engaged in this area for a long time. If you are interested in our products, welcome here to have a visit, thanks ofr your attention!


Our mail: manager@hiseamarine.com

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