Hydraulic Folding Hatch Covers-Heavy

Hydraulic Folding Hatch Covers-Heavy

Hydraulic Folding Hatch Covers-Heavy


1. low number of panels.

2. can be equipped with special fittings, as required.

3. open position: it provides access to the hold for loading and discharging cargo.

4. closed position: it seals the hatchway in a weather-tight manner for transit in heavy seas.

5. Smooth control by proportional hydraulic components

6. Long service life due to well selected materials

For various large bulk cargo ships, container ships.

The name ‘hydraulic folding cover’ refers to a cover consisting of two panels which are connected by hinges to form a folding pair. In many cases the cover consists of two folding pairs. One pair is stowed at the aft end of the hatch and the other forward. The folding pair is operated by hydraulic cylinders acting directly on the end hinge arms which are connected at stools on the deck. When the cylinders push the end panel up from the closed position, the cover is folded and the second panel, fitted with wheels, rolls on the rails to the stowage position. The panels are usually secured in the open position by semi-automatic hooks interacting with the wheel arms.







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