Oil/Gas Cryogenic Wheel-rail Drilling Rig

Oil/Gas Cryogenic Wheel-rail Drilling Rig

Oil/Gas Cryogenic Wheel-rail Drilling Rig

Features of Oil/Gas Cryogenic Wheel-rail Drilling Rig:

  • New AC VFD drilling rig developed for polar environment based on mature conventional drilling rigs;
  • Conforming to API ASY/T5609, HSE and GOST standards;
  • Meeting requirements of cluster well operations;
  • Driven by 0-100Hz AC converted by VFD from 600V 50Hz AC transformed from 6300V industrial power grid;
  • Modular-type design;
  • The whole set of equipment and associated devices are put in a trolley. Fast-moving of the entire equipment and full setback state of the rig can be realized through lifting and advancing the cylinders and it is unnecessary to disassembly while being moved between wells;
  • Drawworks equipped with 2-grade reducerto reach a maximum test load of 400t and a maximum load speed of 15.m/s;
  • Equipped with automatic bit-feeding drill motor, which could be treated as either emergency motor or remote control devices; the mast and substructure can be raised up with a distance of 65m from the wellhead;
  • The mast and substurcture adopt spin-up structures, so they can be orderly lifted by drawworks without slipping the wireline, which can decrease the lifting load and save the lifting time efficiently;
  • It adopts low etmperature materials and processes as well as heat supplying and warm-keeping measures, so that it can be worked normally at -45℃, and stored at -60℃;
  • Security monitoring system, harmful gas detecting system, multi-user communicating system and highly integrated driller's cabin are adopted to fully guarantee the security and humanity during the operation;

Specifications of Oil/Gas Cryogenic Wheel-rail Drilling Rig:




Work temperature



Drilling depth



Work load



Rated power of drawworks



Mast height



Line strung of lifting system/ Diameter of wire line



Standard rail length



Distances between wells for cluster well

5m/15m(16.4/49.2 ft)

5m/15m(16.4/49.2 ft)

Moving type

Wheel-rail cylinder driving

Wheel-rail cylinder driving

Pictures of Oil/Gas Cryogenic Wheel-rail Drilling Rig:

Cryogenic Wheel-rail Drilling Rig.jpg

Oil/Gas Cryogenic Wheel-rail Drilling Rig

Cryogenic Wheel-rail Drilling Rig - Part View.jpg

Oil/Gas Cryogenic Wheel-rail Drilling Rig - Part View

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