open die forging railway spare parts

open die forging railway spare parts

Features of Open Die Forgings

1. Compared with drop forging, open-die forging products could make the shape in one time and have a good quality.

2. Open die forging could improve the production efficiency for the parts which do not required high precision.

3. Compared with the closed die forging,open die forging products require further machining to remove the flash.

Application of Open Die Forgings

Some open die forgings are bars, blanks,rings and spindles in vehicle, building, tube and other sectors. With development of technology and machines, open die forging could forge more and more products in different shapes

Open die forging products usually have aflash. The flash of forgings needs to be trimmed by press cutting machine. Both hot forging and cold forging can use open die forging process. Open die forging products require cutting, machining and polishing services.


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