RSN7-2500-2 MIG Welding Machine

RSN7-2500-2 MIG Welding Machine

RSN7-2500-2 MIG Welding Machine:

1. Brief Introduction:

RSN7-2500-2 MIG Welding Machine has single gun working and double gun working two option. One set RSN7-2500-2 MIG Welding Machine working efficiency is that of the same as two sets RSN7-2500 MIG Welding Machine. It adopt the advanced technology EMI. The advantage is environment protection.

2. Features:

1). Two hosts, a housing and supporting mechanism, low cost price, light weight and high efficiency
2). Because it is the merger of two mechanical movement , one of Emotion, high quality, each small parts is demanding.
3). When the work of a single gun machine guns maximum current up to 2500A, can weld stud M28, which is two discrete machine can not be achieved.
4). In case of a fault in the construction of a station, another set of hosts will continue to use, and will not cease, because it is a dual-core technology, the failure rate is minimal.
5). Dual-core welding, and computer dual-core technology, the two main core machine without disturbing each other simultaneously, doubling the speed of construction, to save 30% lower price.
3. Specification:



Working Condition

Single Gun Working

Double Gun Working

Welding Range (Diameter)

Ф6 mm-ф28 mm

Ф4 mm-ф18 mm

Welding Current



Welding Speed

Ф28 mm 8 pcs/min

Ф18 mm 8 pcs/min

Welding Time


Input Power

AC 3-300V-440V, 50/60 HZ

Rated Input Capacity

90 KW

Power Switch


Protection Grade


Cooling Way



960x418x760 mm


168 kg

Cable Specification

3x16 mm2

4. The picture of the RSN7-2500-2 MIG Welding Machine Spare Parts:

RSN7-2500-2 MIG Welding Machine Spare Parts.jpg

5. The picture of the RSN7-2500-2 MIG Welding Machine Application:

RSN7-2500-2 MIG Welding Machine Application.jpg


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