Special Cable

    China Hisea Industry Group provide our customers with variety of special cable including Underwater cable,Fireproof cable,High temperature resistant cable,Field cable,LSZH cable etc., which comply with all relevant national and international standards,such as IEC、GB、BS、DIN、ICEA.

    As a trading and manufacturer,we not only better our product quality,but also choosing the manufacturer that can provide first class guaranteed quality.ISO,UL,CCC,CE,All the certificate passed.

    Locate in the world factory,we can compare the different factories to choose the best to match your demands.You need the best quality,we can help.You need the best price,we can help.You need the fastest delivery,we certainly can help.You need after-sales service,we still can help.

    If you have any more concern,just drop a message at cable@hiseamarine.com Any comment will be highly appreciated.