JIS F2023 Cast Steel Bar Chain Stopper

JIS F2023 Cast Steel Bar Chain Stopper

JIS F2023 Cast Steel Bar Chain Stopper:

Chain stopper is disposed between the connecting tube and anchor windlass, anchor for fixing to prevent the chain from slipping out. When at anchor, anchor chain stopper and pull the chain is transmitted to the hull, to reduce the load on the windlass to protect the windlass. Withstand the force of gravity and inertia anchor sailing

The role of chain stopper :

A.let chain flat positionon the wheelB.preventthe declineof chain C.fixedanchorchaintensionspread tothe hullD.makebeautifuldesign.

Anchor devices abandon the role of the chain:

A. make the end of the anchor fixed B.make chain not in chaos C.quickly disengagement chain and facilitate in case of emergency D.easy maintain anchor chain overhaul

Knife-type chain stopper: simple structure, rapid operation. But its large size when cumbersome, generally used only on small and medium sized vessels.


Number 19 22 25 28 32 36
Diameter of Apply Anchor Chain (mm) 17~19 20~22 23~25 26~28 30~32 34~36
A (mm) 190 216 241 270 305 342
B (mm) 270 310 345 385 435 490
C (mm) 200 226 256 280 320 254
D (mm) 134 153 175 193 220 246
Weight(kg) 17 24 33 44 68 92

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