Marine Anchor Chain

Marine Anchor Chain

Marine Anchor Chain (cable) is connected between the anchor and the vessel hull, the ship used to deliver and buffer force suffered. Part can produce friction.

1 .According to chain link structure: Stud link and Studless link

2. Marine anchor chain have 2 grade: Grade2 and Grade3,

3. According steel grade points: AM1, AM2, AM3

Anchor chain accessories:Kenter shackle, joint shackle, Swivel shackle, End shackle, Enlarged link, common link

Welding anchor chain: chain link has round bending welded together. The process is simple, low cost, quality than other types of anchor chain. Now widely applied.

Marine anchor chain consists of several "length" (shackle), each 25.0 to 27.5 meters in length, and adjacent sections with a chain ring or shackle connected.

We supply all kinds of marine anchor chain, with ABS,BV,DNV,NK,LR,KR,RINA,CCS approval.

Marine anchor chain have D type and Kenter shackle connection:

anchor chain D-CONECT.jpg

D type connection

Anchor chain KS-JOINING.jpg
Kenter shackle joint

Specification please check the attachment.

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