Marine Cabin Unit

Marine Cabin Unit

Marine Cabin Unit
Marine Cabin Unit are designed for use in high speed marine air-conditioning systems. There task is to control the air flow, its distribution and temperature. The units are tested for optimum performance and sound attenuation.
We have a comprehensive range of cabin unit. The range contains single pipe cabin unit, dual type cabin unit, reheater cabin unit, etc.
2.Structure (consist of three parts)
Static pressure box
Air volume adjustment
3.Safety devise
65°and 105° auto reset safety switch
Minimum flow alarm (automatic model) and inbox temperature measurement with overheat limit to cut-off reheater power
The ventilation terminal can be installed in two methods, i.e. ceiling installation and side wall installation.
The diffuser of the ventilation terminal is either in the pan type or punkah louver.
The air inlet of the ventilation terminal is either single pipe or dual pipe inlet.
Auxiliary electric heater can also be added into the terminal box c/w manual/auto thermostat, interlock with airflow is optional.
Airflow range 0 m3/h -600 m3/h


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