Marine Door

Marine Door

We are one of the biggest marine doors manufacturer, factory, supplier and exporter. We are specialized in marine weathertight door, watertight door, airtight door, fire protection door, etc. High quality and competitive price with best service are our purpose.

The material you can choose aluminum, stainless steel and other quality materials.

Marine door list:



1 Marine weathertight door Marine weathertight single-leaf steel door
Quick open & closing steel weathertight door
Aluminium weld weathertight door
Marine weathertight single-leaf aluminium door)
Light weathertight door(single and double)
Aluminium weathertight sliding door
2 Marine watertight door Hydraulic sliding weathertight door
3 Airtight door/Gastight door Aluminium airtight door
Gastight sliding door for wheel house
Gastight sliding door for wheel house
Sliding door for wheel house
4 Fire protection door Steel fire protection door
Fire protection door
Class C light prevention burning door
5 Others Steel outside wall door
Aluminium sliding door(single panel)
Aluminium cabin sliding door
Stainless steel refrigerated door
Steel soundprof gastight door
Aluminium cabin hollow door
G.R.P(glass reinforced plastic) cabin hollow door
Aluminium with screen make up of door
Aluminium glass ornament door(single and double)
Marine shielding door

Part of high quality doors showing:

vessel door.jpg

Marine double-leaf door


Hydraulic watertight sliding door

marine door.jpg

Quick action steel doors


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