Marine Manual Butterfly Valves

Marine Manual Butterfly Valves

Marine Manual Butterfly Valves:

Detailed Information of the valves

1. It is medium pressure.

2. It is manual power.

3. Produce way is casting.

4. temperature of media is medium temperature.

5. Media can be oil, water

6. Material is bronze or stainless steel

7. Diameter is 50 mm to 400 mm.

8. Certification is CCS, BV, ABS, KR, GL, NK, LR, RINA, RS, HRS, DNV etc.

Remark: With the valves nominal diameters of 6-1000 mm and nomianl pressures of 0.1-15 MPa, our products include various marine valves: central type butterfly valve, manual butterfly valves, double eccentric butterfly valve, metal sealing face butterfly valve,ventilation damper, corrugated pipe no leakage valves,valve for seaward dluice, stop valve, stop check valve, gate valve, faucet, safety valve, storm valve, fast valve, filter, and its accessories.

Specification of the valves:

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Marine Manual Butterfly Valves Pictures:

Marine Manual Butterfly Valves Pictures


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