Marine Steel Vertical Ladder

Marine Steel Vertical Ladder

Marine steel vertical ladder


This ladder is made of steel or aluminum. It’s not heavy and normally used for sea-going ships,warships and inland ship, with annti-corrosive quality and durable in use.

1. Marine Steel Vertical Ladder is according to the ISO,GB, CB, CB/T standard, and we can customize ur marine ladder requirements.

2. Certificates like ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, LR, GL. NK, RINA are offered according to ur requests.

3. Great load-bearing capacity

4. Used for cabins,bulkhead,mast,post and deckhouse.

Specifications of stainless steel ladder:

Number of steps Length H1 H2 B
7 2200mm 200mm 200mm 400mm
7 2200mm 100mm 100mm 300mm

This ladder is made of stainless steel.


This is an aluminum ladder, which is telescopic.


We can also provide various kinds of marine ladders, including:

1. Appliance for pilot ladder

2. Accommodation ladder for diver

3. Bulkwark ladder

4. Ladder for draft reading

5. Engine room inclined ladder

6. Cargo hold& oil tank ladder

7. Stainless steel vertical ladder

8. Cargo hold inclined ladder

9. Cargo hold inclined ladder

10. Marine steel inclined ladder

11. Marine steel vertical ladder

12. Aluminum pipe vertical ladder

13. Aluminum inclined ladder

14. Mountain ship rope ladder

15. Aluminum alloy wharf ladder

16. Pilot Ladder

17. Portable aluminum ladder


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