Marine Water Driven Fan

Marine Water Driven Fan

Marine Water driven Fan

Marine water driven fan include CSZ series axial Water driven Fan and CSL series centrifugal water driven fan,being important system equipment for the oil tanker and chemical vessels.
This fans driven by fire protection water only and no electrical motor require. It is capable of convey dangerous explosive gases and flammable gases.

Axial water driven fan
①Supply or exhaust fan
②anti-hazard classification,sound anti-wobble,nti-vibration,anti-impact performance
③Low weigh
④simplicity of operation
⑤driven direct by fire protection water
Centrifugal water driven fan.
①anti-hazard classification, sound anti-corrosion, anti-wobble, anti-vibration and anti-shock performance
②simple and compact structure
③low weight
④simple operation
⑤driven directly by fire protection water

The water turbine:anticorrosion copper alloy
The casing:austenitic stainless steel
The impeller:high strength aluminum alloy
no-sparking structure

4.Fan applicable conditions
For palaces where there are explosive grade IIB and IIC and group from T4 to T6.
Ambient temperatures: -25°C~55°C
Relative humidity of the air: ≤95%
Cyclical vacillation: ±22.5°C~45°C
Sustained horizontal tilting: ±15°C
Sustained vertical tilting: ±10°C
Vibration: existence
Shock: existence

5.Sample drawings
Drawing of axial water driven fan

Drawing of centrifugal water driven fan

drawing-of-water-driven-fans .jpg

6 Use and maintenance
6.1 Before installing the fans, should check whether each part is intact, whether the components are complete, whether the impeller and casing rotating direct are concordant.
6.2 When installing the duct of the inlet and outlet, should make the duct and fans be spontaneous identical, not join them forcing, not bring the weight of duct on the fans.
6.3 After installed the fans, check whether there is friction of collide between the impeller and the fixed parts by rotating the impeller. If collision, friction, loud noise or strong vibration happened, the fan should be restart after checking. Avoid the fan being bumped and other substance or liquid entered the fans. Please clean the dust on blade of impeller in time, so as not to break the balance and strengthen the noise.
6.4 The fans maintain must be done on stop working time. When burning, after check, should whether the every part of fans is normal.
6.5 As some fault occurred in fans operating, should find out the reason in time and think a way of resolution.

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