Mine Leaky Coaxial Cable

Mine Leaky Coaxial Cable

Mine Leaky Coaxial Cable


This product is suitable for coal mine tunnel ,Sap, basement of 75Ω ,60-150MHZ band connections in the signal transmission feeder .

2.Installation laying ambient minimum temperature -15 ℃

3.Minimum bend radius 150mm

4.Cabling should be hung from the wall or on the ground in the space above 15cm


When cable ends plug into connector,the connection should be strong,no mock connection,no poor contact.Cable incision should be clean,with no oil stain and metal shavings to affect insulation performance.

Between the inner and outer conductors must be strictly separated and should not abut

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Mine Leaky Coaxial Cable Specifications:

Model and Specifications MSLYF ( Y ) VZ-75-9
Features Inner conductor copper or copper clad aluminum Ø2.0mm
Physical foaming insulation diameter Ø8.8mm
Braided outer conductor Single Dia. 0.2mm Soft Copper Wire 3 × 24 Braided
Balck PE Inner Sheath Ø11.3mm
Yellow Flame-Retardant PVC Outer Sheath Ø13.8mm
Electrical Characteristics Insulation ( dielectric strength )
1.8KV1min No breakdown
Inner conductor DC resistance (2 0 ℃) ≤ 5.5Ω/km
VSWR 0-300MHZ ≤ 1.2
Insulation resistance > 1000MΩ•km
Characteristic impedance 75 ± 3Ω
Coupler Loss 60MHZ 75 ± 10dB
150MHZ 80 ± 10dB
Attenuation constant
60MHZ ≤ 40 dB/km
150MHZ ≤ 55 dB/km
Engineering properties Speed Ratio 0.84
Ambient Temperature - 4 0 ~+ 55 ℃
Minimum Bending Radius 125mm
Frequency 6 0 ~ 150MHZ
Weight 0.20kg/m

Mine Leaky Coaxial Cable Structure:


Mine Leaky Coaxial Cable Show:

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