Mobile Power Tray

Mobile Power Tray

Mobile Power Tray

Mobile Power Tray application

Mobile Power Tray is applicable for power supply where short of power rated voltage AC 380 V and below,Frequency 50Hz,Current up to 63 A.

Mobile Power Tray Features

1.This product adopts the most advanced multi-group,multi-luminous power socket.Users can clearly see the socket at night,easy to use.

2.And equipped with power indicator,switches,fuses,earth leakage protection.

3.If Users get any personal electric shock or electrical leakage,it will shut off power automatically within 0.1 seconds,meanwhile it plays a significant role in the protection of Chlorine fire and protect personnel and equipment safety.

4.This series of products are advanced designed, reasonable structured,easy to operate,safe to use.It can be widely used in construction sites,decoration project,machinery, metallurgy,mining,chemical,power,rural,school,family,and other businesses away from the working electric power,is ideal power supply in modern production.

5.This product applies YZ rubber cables, ensure that users can use repeatedly.

Mobile Power Tray Model Explanation

Model Explanation
A 220 V 10 A without leakage protector
B 220 V 10 A with leakage protector
BG 220 V 15 A with leakage protector
BH 220 V 20 A with leakage protector
BT 220 V 25 A with leakage protector
C 380 V 15 A without leakage protector
D 380 V 15 A with leakage protector
E 380 V 20 A with leakage protector
F 380 V 25 A with leakage protector
G 380 V 30 A with leakage protector
H 380 V 60 A with leakage protector

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