Ocimf Type Chain Stopper

Ocimf Type Chain Stopper

Ocimf Type Chain Stopper:

anchor windlass and hawsepipe, it can fix the anchor chain prevent it roll out. .When the vessel mooring ,chain stopper transport the pull strength of anchor and chain to vessel, can reduce the working load protect the anchor windlass. When sailing it stand the anchor weight and inertial force.

The role of chain stopper :

A .let chain flat position on the wheel B. prevent the decline of chain C.fixed anchor chain tension spread to the hull D. make beautiful design.

Anchor devices abandon the role of the chain:

A. make the end of the anchor fixed B.make chain not in chaos C.quickly disengagement chain and facilitate in case of emergency D.easy maintain anchor chain overhaul

Model: roller bar type chain stopper, cast steel bar chain stopper and cast lever chain stopper

Process:casting, forging, welding,casting

Provide CCS,ABS,NR,DNV,etc certificate

Material:Cast iron, cast steel.

Withstand 80% of Chain Cable's breaking load

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OCIMF Type Chain Stopper
Nominal Dia. of Chain(mm)
Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
L B H H1 b4
54-56 1336 474 631 481 400 488
76-78 1800 640 850 648 540 1421

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