Piston ring

Piston ring

Piston ring


Piston (Piston Ring) is the piston ring to be used to embed l inside the meta grooves,

be divided into two types: compression ring and oil ring. Compression ring is used to seal the combustion chamber gas mixture; cylinder oil ring is used to scrape the excess oil.

A piston having a large elastic outward expansion of the deformable metal ring, which is fitted to the section with the corresponding annular groove.


Piston widely used in a variety of power machinery, such as steam engines, diesel engines, gasoline engines, compressors, hydraulic machines,

which are widely used in automotive,Trains, ships and yachts. Usually installed in the piston ring piston ring groove

where it and piston, cylinder liner, cylinder head and other components chamber acting.

Materials:Cast iron, steel

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