Pump Head

Pump Head

Pump Head

Features of Pump Head:

  • API standard;
  • A core part of five-cylinder pump;
  • Forged with alloy steel 25CrNi4MoVE;
  • Subject to heat treatment and mechanical property test;
  • High pressure;
  • Large displacement;
  • Compact structure;
  • Scientific selection of material;
  • Straight-through structure for pump cavity;
  • High geometric accuracy;
  • Improved surface roughness;
  • Fatigue strength performance ensured through particle inspection test;
  • Wear-resistance and erosion-proof of inner diameter surface enhanced by shot blast at the two valve seat sealing cages;
  • US-made serrated thread for the screw cap to improve the thread strength;

Specifications of Pump Head:

Tensile strength

σb 1120MP

Yield strength



δ ≥ 12%

Reduction of area

ψ ≥45%

Pictures of Pump Head:

Pump Head.jpg

Pump Head

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