Quick release hook

Quick release hook

Quick release hook:

1.Product description:

operating force by handle: <150N

pull of hook body for one unit: 350-2500KN

quantity of hook body for one handle: 1hook

swing angle of hook body in vertical: 450

swing angle of hook body in horizontal: 45~900

puling speed of electric capstan: 18~25m/min

pull of electric capstan: 10KN~30KN

working diameter of capstan:250mm

Matriel:hook body:quality alloy.
Quick release hook will be entirely sprayed with zinc and the thickness.


Quick operate cable-laying ,bond cable, release cable easily.

Self locking mechanism make sure bond cable ,manual. electric or hydraulic release control lever.

Full load or zero load the anchor can quick release.

Elasticity cushion rubber let it no spark.


Vertical Type

Feature:1. Iner brake explosion protection electric motor, safe brake performance, use vertical footing fix installation .

Reduction gearbox: helical gearbox, planetary gearbox, spindle wheel swinging gearbox

Horizontal type

Feature:1.Normal explosion protection electric motor, footing fix installation .

4.Available Type:

1: manual release spring marine towing hook

2: manual release marine harbour towing hook

3: manual release disc marine towing hook

4: pneumatic spring marine towing hook

5: pneumatic disc marine towing hook

6: pneumatic marine harbour towing hook

7: single quick release mooring hook

8: double quick release mooring hook

9: triple quick release mooring hook

10: quadruple quick release mooring hook

11: pelican hook


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