Marine Towing Hook

HISEA group can supply include manual release spring marine  towing hook,manual release marine harbour towing hook,manual release disc marine  towing hook,pneumatic spring marine  towing hook, pneumatic disc marine  towing hook, pneumatic marine harbour  towing hook, single quick release mooring hook, double quick release mooring hook,triple quick release mooring hook and quadruple quick release mooring hook etc.

  Approvalby 11 international lassification Societies, such as ABS, BV, CCS, CR, DNV, GL, KR, LR, NK, RINA and RMRS and so on. ISO Quality Management System ISO9001-2000, API-Q1 Quality and ISO/CD14690 (HSE ) management system have been separately approved by API (USA), CSQA(China) and QSMSCC (China).

  Marine towing hook is a device that enables ships to be towed safely under severe working conditions and allows the towing line to be 
released whether  slack or under full safe working load. It can facilitate the disengagement of the towing line to ensure the safety of the 
ship and personnel. The hook can be released manually or from the wheel house by pulling the release wire or by pushing a button. 
Remote control systems can be supplied with either a hydraulic or pneumatic release mechanism. The quick release marine towing 
hook allows line to be instantaneously disengaged.