Fire Damper

Fire dampers are designed for automatic isolation of fire compartments in ventilation and air conditioning system,It is also used to prevent the spreading of fire and smoke in marine or other bulidings.

Since a fire damper is known as a fire barrier,it must have fire-resistant properties in the material it is made from,Therefore,there are varies types of fire damper are available in HISEA MARINE.

Fire dampers is normaly open when the temperature is lower than 70℃,It will automatical closed to prevent the fire and smoke when the temperature exceeds 70℃,when the fire damper senses a fire,it will shut itself up to avoid the spread of flames through the fire barriers,the fusible link in the fire damper will melt when there is a rise in temperature or during a fire and the shutter will close,This way,the flames are unable to spread through the ducts,The fire dampers are somewhat like curtains when it closes at a rise temperature usally exceeds 70℃,Fire dampers need reset manualy.