Rear  Axle For Truck

Rear Axle For Truck

Rear Axle For Truck

Product name: Rear Axle For Truck
material: forged steel
Type: Rear Axles
manufacturing technical: roll forging+die forging
heat treatment: tampering
capacity: 11T/12T/14T/16T
brake: 420*180mm/420*200mm
PCD: 285.75mm/335mm
axle beam: 150*150
track: 1802/1805/1840mm
manufacturing standard: GB12361-2003
Application: Truck
Main process for front axle: 1.Roll forged
2.Stamping & shaping
3.Trimming & adjusting
5.Crack detection
OEM accepted
Packaging Detail: wooden box
Products characteristic:
1. axle adopted high quality low-alloy steel, by the means of whole rolling machining, heat treatment the axle beam.Make sure the beam with excellent mechanical properties,e.x.highfatigue resistance, heavy loading capacity and large anti-bending strength.
2.Famous brand bearing to keep the quality, wear-resistant and resist heat.
3.High performance non-asbestos brake linings,excellent working,safely and long time use.
4.One shape forged and heat treatment cam-shaft,use numerical control lathe machining and working surface quenching to stronger wear resistant.
5.International standard ball iron and grey iron produce hub and brake drum, high loading capacity; resist heat, wear-resistant not easy to transform.
6.Famous shell and Exxon Mobile grease lubricate.
7.All the spare parts of axles are German and American standard type, it is keeps good interchangeable character.
8.ABS is available.

Model Bearings Max. Capacity(kg) Brake (mm) Track (mm) Center distance of brake chamber (mm) Axle beam (mm) Stud P.C.D (mm) ΦH (mm) Total length (mm) Weight (kg)
FS-11A 3321333118 11000 420*180 1802 315 150*150*12 8*M22*1.5JIS 285.75 220 2152 365
FS-12A 3321333118 12000 420*180 1805 421 150*150*12 10*M22*1.5ISO 335 280 2137 380
FS-12A1 3321333118 12000 420*200 1840 315 150*150*12 10*M22*1.5ISO 335 280 2172 400
FS-14A 3321532219 14000 420*200 1805 421 150*150*14 10*M22*1.5ISO 335 280 2174 400
FS-16A 3231432222 16000 420*200 1840 278 150*150*16 10*M22*1.5ISO 335 280 2286 450
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