Silicon Rubber Insulated Power Cable

Silicon Rubber Insulated Power Cable

Silicon Rubber Insulated Power cable

1.Silicon Rubber Insulated Power cable Application

This product is used for electric connection of mobile electirc devices in enviroment with high temperature in Power,Metallurgy,Chemical Industriy,etc.

2.Silicon Rubber Insulated Power cable Service Condition

a. rated voltage Uo / U 0.6/1.0kv
b. Maximum long-term working temperature -60℃~180℃
c.D.C Conductor resistance comlies with stipulatons of GB/T3956
d.the cable has a characture of high and low temperatuer resistance and soft and corrosive resistance.
e.Allowing bending radius:≥6 times the outer diameter
f.It can endure working frequency 3.5kv/5min without puncture.

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Silicon Rubber Insulated Power cable Model

Model Name
YGC Copper Conductor SIR Insulated and Sheathed Soft Cable
YGC-F46R Copper Conductor F46Insulated SIR Sheathed Soft Cable

Silicon Rubber Insulated Power cable Structure

YGC Cable Structure.jpg

YGC-F46R Cable Structure.jpg

Silicon Rubber Insulated Power cables Show

YGC Power Cable Show.jpg


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