Stud Link Anchor Chain

Stud Link Anchor Chain

Stud link chain is normally supplied in the grades U2 and U3.

Most stud link chain is used on larger vessels and is rarely available in sizes under 12.5mm diameter.

Originally studs were added to the chain to stiffen the links preventing them from severely deforming when overloaded. They have the added advantage in that they prevent the chain from knotting up when twisted, thus avoiding problems when chain is retrieved with a windlass.

Stud link chain is normally supplied in 'shot lengths' (27.5mtrs long) which can then be joined together using a Kenter shackle. Black bitumastic paint or galvanised finishes are available.

Production process: (1) cutting bar (2) heating (3) bending(4) welding (5) trimming (6) stud pressing (7)stud welding (8) heating treatment (9)surface treatment (10)proof & breaking load test (11)polish (12)test (13)dipping lacqucr

Product  Process.jpg

Product process

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Anchor chain cartonning

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