T Type Globe Valve

T Type Globe Valve

T Type Globe Valve:

1. Features:

(1). Good Cut Off throttle Function or Adjusting throttle Function: The valve stem opening or closing stroke is relatively short, having a very reliable cutting function, change and the stroke of the valve flap seat vent directly proportional relationship, and is suitable for the regulation of traffic..

(2). No leakage: It is strictly in accordance with the API, ASME standards of design, manufacture, inspection and testing, high pressure valve thermal test requirements.

(3). High Precision: It uses CNC machine tools and machining centers for machining, product quality assurance.

(4).Easy To Maintenance and Long Working Lifetime: it adopts advanced product design, procurement SDRC's I-Deas computer software, the valve structure modeling three-dimensional design and high quality row material.

2. Specification:


T Type Globe Valve

Nominal Diameter

1/2-20 Inch

Nominal Pressure

150-2500 LB

Body Material

According API 600


Hand Driven

3. T Type Globe Valve Factory:

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