Welding Anchors

Welding Anchors

Welding Anchors:

  • Steel Plate Welding Triangular Anchor: Q235, ZG200-400, U2 100KGS-15000KGS

Steel Plate Welding Anchor is one type of offshore anchor, a smooth and excellent penetration in different seabeds.

The open construction of this anchor offers for a smooth and excellent penetration in a variety of soils.

The anchor offers excellent efficiency (weight/holding power) and easy dismantling for transport purposes.

This anchor will hold true in the toughest conditions and will not rotate once it is set, which results in no decrease of holding capacity.

flipper delta type anchor1.jpg

Steel Plate Welding Anchor

The welding type TW pool anchor is the most commonly used conventional shackles ship anchor. Made of heavy grade cast steel to assure the stability, safety and durability.

welding pool anchor type TW.jpg

Welding Pool Anchor (Type TW)

  • HSK5 Anchor: AH36 1000KGS-30000KGS


HSK5 Anchor


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