Yuchai  engine flywheel housing

Yuchai engine flywheel housing

Yuchai engine flywheel housing:

1. Material: HT250

2. ISO/TS 16949 Certificate

3. IF electric distribution cabinet, CNC machine and dynamic balance machine

4. We also produce and process as clients' technical drawings

5. Manufacture process: stamping

Yuchai engine flywheel housing list:

3055-1151141-11 flywheel housing (370A)

YC6108Q3055-1151143-11 flywheel housing (370C-A)

YC6108Q??3056-1151164-11 flywheel housing (3430-C)

YC6108ZQ3056-1151165-11 flywheel housing (3430-D)

YC6108ZQ??3056-1151112-11 flywheel housing (397A)

YC6108ZQ3056-1151129-11 flywheel housing (430D)

YC6108ZQ??3056-1151131-11 flywheel housing

(430D-B) YC6108ZQ3056-1151135-11 flywheel housing

(470E) YC6108ZQ??3056-1151162-11 flywheel housing (A3200)

YC6108ZQ3056-1151163-11 flywheel housing (A3206-A)

YC6108ZQ??3056-1151151-11 flywheel housing (A70-A)

YC6108ZQ3056-1151153-11flywheel housing (A99-A)

YC6108ZQ??3056-1151167-11 flywheel housing (B3102)

YC6108ZQ3056-1151169-11 flywheel housing (B3201)

YC6108ZQ??3056-1151168-11 flywheel housing (B3206)

YC6108ZQ3057-1151111-11 飞flywheel housing A3008)

YC6108ZQB??3057-1151112-11 flywheel housing (A3016-A)

YC6108ZQB3057-1151113-11 flywheel housing (A3503)

YC6108ZQB flywheel housing

Trade Terms:

1. Payment by TT or Western Union

100% payment if the total amount is less than 3000 $.

30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment if the total amount is more than 5000$.

100% by western union if the total amount is less than 1000 $.

2. Lead time: 3-15 working days , subject to the order quantity .

3. Shipment term : DHL, UPS or other express delivery, by air, by sea, etc.

4. MOQ: 10 pc

Yuchai engine flywheel housing:

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