Black Water Control Valve

Black Water Control Valve

Black Water Control Valve:

1. Brief Introduction:

(1). Name:Black Water Control Valve

(2). Specification: 2"x3",3"x6",4"x8",6"x12",8"x24",10"x28"(Remarks: Besides the standard forms above, the company can design products according to requirements of customers)

(3). Pressure: ANSI 150、300、600、900、1500

(4). Connection Type: Flange Type (RF, RJ and FM)

(5). Material: CF8, CF8M, INCOLOY825, Dual-phase Steel, or Other Materials Selected according to Special Requirements of Customers

(6). Medium Temperature: -180℃ to +530℃

(7). Air Supply Pressure: 0.4 to 0.7 MPa

(8). Ambient Temperature: -30 to +70℃

(9). Medium: Black Water Containing Solid Particles (Black water contains strong corrosion media such as chloride ions, ammonia, kali salt, hydrogen sulfide and phosphoric acid), Water Granulated Slag, Grey Water, Etc

(10). Leakage Rate: According with Standard ANSI B16.104IV, Less than Rated CV 0.01

(11). Valve Action Type: Pneumatic-Turning on or Pneumatic-Turning off

(12). Standard: ISO, CE, API

2. Black Water Control Valve Sample Pictures:

Black Water Control Valve Sample


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