Circular seam welder

Circular seam welder

Girth welding machine/circular seam welder:

1. Application: mainly used for the cylinder. Turret frame, tailstock, pump stations, beams, feeding pneumatic bay, welding carriage, electric carriage, arc shields, control boxes and other components.

2. Maximum length of barrel: 2500mm

3. For material:Carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, etc

4. For welding process: TIG, MIG/MAG、PAW,etc


Model HS-HWH
welding diameter φ300~φ1000mm
max welkding length 2500mm
Spindle rotating speed 0.05~1rpm
Spindle rotating speed Frequency conversion or servo motor
Spindle motor clutch way manual operation
Hydraulic tailstock stroke 500mm
Bracket way pneumatic
Vertical electric carriage stroke 450mm
electric motor sway carriage stroke 60mm
carriage braking manual operation

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