Clamp-Co Curb Grabs

Clamp-Co Curb Grabs

Clamp-Co Curb Grabs

Product Name: Clamp-Co Curb Grabs
Material: steel
Spec: •Virtually no manual assistance is required.
•Alloy Steel Construction.
• Available with polyurethane pads or hardened steel jaw.
• (Replacement kits available).
• Eliminates the need for slings, chokers and spreader bars.
• Individually Proof Tested to 2 times the Working Load Limit with certification.
• Finish - Red Paint.
Application: Clamp-Co Curb Grabs provide a fast and efficient method for handling large granite curbs.

Technical Drawing For Clamp-Co Curb Grabs:

Clamp-Co Curb Grab-drawing.jpg

Parameter For Clamp-Co Curb Grabs:

Working Load Limit (kg.)* Weight Each (kg.) Grip Width (mm) Dimensions
Model Stock (mm)
No. No. A B C
CG-1400 2734000 635 16.8 102 (min.) 565 683 254
178 (max.) 635 514 76.2


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