diesel engine die forging spare parts

diesel engine die forging spare parts

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85% of the plane components are forging spare parts. Aircraft engine turbine disc, rear axle neck (hollow shaft), leaf, wing wing beam, the fuselage ribbed reinforcing plate, wheel bracket, the landing gear on the inside and outside barrel involved in the plane of the importance of safety forgings. The plane forgings multi-purpose high strength wear resistant and corrosion resistant alloy, titanium alloy, nickel base alloy and other precious materials manufacturing. In order to save material and energy saving, aircraft forgings mostly adopts the die forging or multidirectional forging press to produce. Automobile forging by weight, the car has 1719% of forgings. General car by body, trunk, engine, front axle and rear axle, frame, transmission, drive shaft, steering system and so on 15 parts constitute the characteristics of automobile forging is complicated shape, light weight, working condition and high degree of safety requirements. Such as the use of automobile engine connecting rod, crankshaft, camshaft, front axle the former beam, steering knuckle, rear axle use half shaft, axle tube, the bridge of the drive gear, etc., none of the cars in the safe operation of the security key forgings Diesel engine is a kind of power machinery, it used to be the engine. With large diesel engine as an example, using forgings have cylinder cover, main journal, crank shaft end flange output end shaft, connecting rod, piston rod, piston head, crosshead pin shaft, shaft drive gear, gear ring, intermediate gear and dye oil pump body more than ten kinds of.


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