Dredge Anchor Boom

Dredge Anchor Boom

Introduction of Dredge Anchor Boom:
The anchor booms are often considered part of the hauling system. One end of the anchor boom is attached to a pivoting point on the vessel, while the other rests in the hanger wire, which is connected with the ladder gantry. In fact, anchor booms are not used for hauling but for moving points of anchorage. It is possible to use separate auxiliary devices to move the anchors themselves.
The dredge anchor boom'length depends on the stability and the dimensions of the pontoon. It can determines how far the anchor can be placed outside the Cutter Suction Dredger.
The anchor will be used to pull the Cutter Suction Dredger toward the anchor in a swing movement during dredging. The anchor is pulled by dredge side winch that is redirected through dredge winch sheave placed near to the dredge cutter head.
When the wire is tensioned, the boom will move above the anchor. When the anchor is taken out of the soil, the wires will automatically pull the boom forward to the new anchor position. After the anchor is lowered, the boom will fall back into the resting position.

Dredge Anchor Boom features:

1.The potential to work more autonomously, without the need for a powerful workboat to shift the anchors
2.The ability to shift anchors in shallow waters, where a workboat is unable to enter.

Anchor boom

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working picture

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anchor boom on CSD

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