Dredge Gearbox

HI-SEA is the exclusive export agency of the chinese professional dredger gearbox manufacturer. Our factory engineers integrated with the global advanced designing technology into our own experience, and developed out the transmission solutions of dredgers, which can meet the developing requirements of large size and diversification. Our dredge gearboxes are able to satisfy the requirement of equipment interface and whole-set performance according to performance and matching between the equipments.

HI-SEA can supply various of dredge gearboxes, and have been widely used in various types of dredgers, such as submerged cutter gearbox, cabin dredge pump gearbox, submerged dredge pump gearbox, high pressure water pump gearbox, hydraulic pump gearbox, bucket wheel gearbox, pivot shaft gearbox, etc. 

Our dredge gearboxes approved by BV,CCS,DNV.