Dredge Suction Head

Dredge Suction Head

Performance of Dredge Suction Head:

Dredge suction head is available in a wide range of sizes. The soil is loosened by jet water, which is injected through nozzles arranged around the suction inlet. The dredge suction heads are fitted with replaceable jet water nozzles and a steel grid to prevent large rocks or other debris from being dredged up. The welded steel construction is made from grade A steel. Dredge suction heads are mainly used for deep dredges and mining of sand.

structure of dredge suction head
structure of dredge suction head.jpg

Note: According to user's or design and manufacturing drawing.

dredge suction head to be shipped

dredging suction head on CSD.jpg

dredging suction head on CSD


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