Elevator Electric Cable

Elevator Electric Cable

Elevator Electric Cable

Elevator Electric Cable application

1.The product applies to the signal and control circuits for supporting the lift lines use.
2.Rated voltage Uo/U for 300/500V,long cables should not be allowed to work more than 65℃.
3.Cable installation prior to use free hanging,full back twist,cable strengthening should be fixed and under tension at the same time.

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Elevator Electric Cable Model and Specification

Model Name Usage scope Specification
245IEC74(YT) High-strength rubber sheath elevator cable Used indoors 6-30 Cores
245IEC75(YTF) Neoprene or other substantial cooperation elevator cables into plastic elastomer sheath Used indoors, outdoor oil contacts burning or extension of the non-pollution requirements of occasions




insulation thickness


sheath thickness


Cable Outer Diameter


Reference Weight

Conductor resistance
YT YTF Non Tinned Conductor Tinned Conductor
6X0.75 24/0.20 0.8 1.5 14.8 205 211 27.3 28.0
9X0.75 2.0 18.3 324 335
12X0.75 22.9 415 427
18X0.75 24.0 508 521
24X0.75 2.5 27.5 700 718
30X0.75 30.9 860 882
6X1.0 32/0.20 0.8 1.5 15.3 230 237 20.5 21.0
9X1.0 2.0 18.9 365 376
12X1.0 23.7 468 481
18X1.0 24.8 579 593
24X1.0 2.5 28.4 794 814
30X1.0 32.0 976 999
Note: The above specifications for commonly used type,we also can produce according to user required special specifications.

Elevator Electric Cable Model and Show

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