Fan Coil

Consist of a fan unit,a heat exchanger element and a filter,fan coils are ideal machines for summer air conditioning and winter heating of the home and of any room,Fed with cooled water coming from a chiller,They make the air of the room fresh,dry and clean in a very short time,and with great energy efficency,fed with hot water coming from a heat pump or from a common boiler,they supply dry,economical heating during the winner season.


HISEA MARINE fans have been designed for intensive use in the marine environment,according to the requirements of classification societies.


Upon request,the products can be supplied with approval certificate(B.V,D.N.,L.R etc)Wide range enabling to get flow pressure combination up to 200000cum/h with max.diameter of 1600mm.


They can be used for the ventilation of engine rooms,service rooms,holds and storerooms(storage,paint)fumes extraction ,CO2 extraction,etc.


They are proposed in conformity with ATEX standards for use in hazardous environment.


The motor can be asynchronous or DC powered.