3, 6 Litre Water Additive Fire Extinguishers

3, 6 Litre Water Additive Fire Extinguishers

Quick Overview:

Passed the electrical conductivity test so are safe if accidentally used on electrical equipment.

With an environmentally friendly additive is lighter in weight and more effective on class A fires than the standard 9Ltr water extinguisher.

Extremely effective on the most common types of class A fires involving soft furnishings, fabrics, textiles, wood and paper.

The enhanced performance of these extinguishers make them a popular choice for schools, shops, offices and public buildings.

Carry a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Key Features:

● BS EN3 approved, CE Marked, ISO9001:2008 certification

● Passed the 35kv conductivity of discharge test

● Easy to use - squeeze grip to operate with spray nozzle

● Corrosion resistant finish, long time to use

● External Full epoxy polyester coated steel shell for high corrosion protection, with reinforced protective plastic base

● Safety relief valve to ensure reliability and optimize efficiency

● Complete with bracket for easy wall mounting

Technical Details:

Type 3 Litre Water Additive 6 Litre Water Additive
Capacity (Ltr) 3 6
Fire Rating 13A 21A
Height (mm) 435 565
Cylinder Diameter (mm) 130 160
Overall Width (mm) 290 290
Filling Weight (kg) 5.55 10.09
Range of Throw (metres) >2 >4
Duration of Discharge (seconds) 18 30
Working Pressure (at 20°C) 15 bar 15 bar
Temperature Range (°C) +5 to +60 +5 to +60

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Detail: ONE PC IN ONE CARTON

Delivery Time: 15-25 DAYS


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