Self-Regulating Heating Cable

Self-Regulating Heating Cable

Self-Regulating Heating Cable

Self-Regulating Heating Cable introduction

Self-Regulating heating cable is special heating and temperature control cable,can automatically adjust the heating power with changes of ambient temperatureThis cable has features of heating and automatically temperature control. Self-Regulating heating cable core components - self-regulating conductive core is imported raw material,used over a long period,its temperature stability and long-term performance are better than similar domestic products.

Self-Regulating Heating Cable Application

The products are widely used in petroleum , chemical, steel , power and other industrial enterprise's pipelines,storage tanks with thermal insulation,anticoagulation,antifreeze,etc.The cable is suitable for common areas,hazardous areas and corrosion district heating pipes .

Self-Regulating Heating Cable Model

ZKWDVT-08 15 25 31、ZKWDVTP1-08 15 25 31、ZKWDVTP4-08 15 25 31、ZKWDVTP1VT-08 15 25 31、ZKWDVTP1F-08 15 25 31、ZKWZF-14 3 47、ZKWZFP1-14 30 47、ZKWZFP4-14 30 47、ZKWZFP1F-14 30 47

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Self-Regulating Heating Cable Show

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