Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

We are specializing in H-beam shot blasting machine, pipe sand blasting equpment, hook shot blasting device, steel plate sand peening machine, blast equipment and room, pretreatment system, and sprayer & coating line, etc.

Standard and non-standard sand blast/shot blast equipment include pressure feed type and suction feed type, which is used to remove rust and oxide skin, de-burr, flake old paint, remove corrosion, spray paint, electroplate, cleanout about pretreatment before jointing, shot blast to strengthen, ossify, shape up. We design and manufacture various kinds of pressure feed type sand blast machine, sand blast cabinet,blast room, CNC automatic numerical control shot blast equipment to satisfy your requirements of production and process.

Assembly of shot blasting machine and the work-shop:

Assembly of shot blasting machine.jpg

Pretreatment line of steel plate assembly factory.jpg


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