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SIR insulated power cable

SIR insulated power cable

SIR insulated power cable

SIR insulated power cable application

The cable is used in high temperature and anti acid and alkaline environment,suitable for power transmission that rated voltage 0.6/1kv.

SIR insulated power cable service condition

1.Rated voltage : U0 / U is 0.6/1kV
2.Maximum rated operating temperature of cable conductor : normal operation , 180 ℃; short ( maximum duration 5s) Time : 350 ℃.
3.Cable bending radius
- Non-armored cable , not less than six times the cable diameter ;
- Armored or screened cable should be not less than 12 times the cable diameter .

SIR insulated power cable Model

Model Name


Copper core SIR insulated and sheathed power cable


Copper core SIR insulated steel tape armored SIR sheathed power cable
GG3G Copper core SIR insulated thin steel wire armored SIR sheathed power cable

SIR insulated power cable Specification

Core mm2 Core Conductor Cross-section Area mm2
1 0.75~300 4 1~240
2 0.75~300 3+1,4+1,3+2 2.5~240
3 0.75~300 5 1~240

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