Cabin Unit

HISEA MARINE cabin units and air terminal are designed for use in high speed marine air-conditioning systems.Their task is to control the flow of air,its distribution and temperature.The units are tested in a special laboratory for optimum performance,Important factors inculde air throw,air induction,insulation capability and sound attenuation.we have a comprehensive range of cabin units.


The cabin units is the terminal device of the air-conditioning systems,which are applicable for the lodging cabins,dayrooms,wheelhouse,confrence rooms,etc.


A range containing units for wall mounting or ceiling suspension,units for 1 pipe,2 pipe;1 pipe with reheat and a wide selection of air terminal units for low pressure systems.Air diffuser for the ceiling cabin units are available in square or circular shapes to fit ceiling panels,For manual operation the units come with an air volume control device.for constant air flow and regulation of temperature a special room thermostat is available,HISEA MARINE cabin units can be delivered in any choice of colour in order to blend in with the ship’s interior.