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CB-II Type Chain Hoist

CB-II Type Chain Hoist

CB-II Type Chain Hoist

Product Name: CB-II Type Chain Hoist
Material: Steel
Spec: CB-II Type Chain Hoist in the structural design and the operational performance, has five major features:
1. Uses safely reliable, maintains easily.
2. Mechanical efficiency is high, the beacelet pulling force is small.
3. Is self-possessed lightly.is advantageous carries.
4. Contour is artistic, the size is small.
5. Is durable.
Application: CB-II Type series chain block is one kindl of using simply and carring easily manual hoisting machinery, is suitable for the factory, the mine, the construction site, the agricultural production as well as the wharf, the dock, the warehouse and so on service as the mounting machinery, the hoisting upcargo and the loading and unloading vehicles, especially regarding open-air and non-power source work, has its important function.
CB-II Type series chain block may manual lift heavy objects the traveling bogie with each kindl of manual single track driving necessary use composition, is suitable for built on stilts the transportation in the single track, manual single beam bridge type hoist crane and on cantilever crane.

Technical Drawing For CB-II Type Chain Hoist:

CB-II Type Chain Hoist-drawing.jpg

Parameters For CB-II Type Chain Hoist:

Model Capacity(t) Lifting height(m) Load Chain Force of full load N.W/G.W.
Dimensions(mm) Additional weight per 1m lift(kg)
No. ofs Dimension A B C D Hmin
CB-I 1T 1 2.5 1 6*18 250 14.5/15 149 153 29 41 352 0.8
CB-I 1.5T 1.5 2.5 1 7.1*21 265 16.5/17 176 173 35 51 385 1.1
CB-I 2T 2 2.5 1 8*24 335 19.5/20.1 176 173 35 51 385 1.4
CB-I 3T 3 3 1 10*30 372 32/34 231 185 39 49 445 2.2
CB-I 5T 5 3 1 9*27 360 41.1/43.6 249 185 49 67 615 3.8
CB-I 10T 10 3 4 10*20 380 75.7/79.1 463 185 54 75 765 8.8

Remarks: We manufacture the products in accordance with national standard, use the symmetry arrayed two-stage gear driven structure. It is design reasonable, dainty material, advanced structure, beautiful appearence, small volume, light weight, big component strength, high toughness, safty and durability. The product has been selling well both at home and abroad. It can compete, well-known brand all over the world.


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