LSZH rail vehicle cable

LSZH rail vehicle cable

LSZH rail vehicle cable

LSZH rail vehicle cable application

This cable is suitable for a variety of locomotives and rapid transit vehicles power transmission,signal control and other various electrical apparatus required fire-retardant.

LSZH rail vehicle cable Standard


LSZH rail vehicle cable Introduction

This LSZH rail vehicle cable is plurality of tinned copper wire stranded,with extruding TPEE as insulation,Single insulated wire core makes a single independent or more insulated cable core wire twisted into multi-core cable core,and polyetherimide sheath layer is set out of single core or multicore cable.

The model of cable can withstand oil,heat aging resistance,flame retardant,resistant to bending,environmental protection and flexibility and other characteristics,able to adapt to the harsh environment locomotive,and can have environmental security.

LSZH rail vehicle cable Model

Model Name
XLPE insulated single core railway vehicles cables ( wire )
Specialty elastomers insulated single core railway vehicle cables ( wires )
XLPE insulated railway vehicles multi-core cable
XLPE insulated multi-core shielded railway vehicles cable
Special composite material insulated multi-core rail vehicle cable
Special composite material insulated rail vehicle shielded multi-core cable

LSZH rail vehicle cable Show

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