Spiral Duct&Fittings

HISEA MARINE spiropipe system is a systme of spiral-pipe ducts and several spiral parts distributing air throughout the ship and into areas of desired ventilation,HISEA MARINE spiroduct system is specially designed for shipborad enviroments,All parts of the system are manufactured in accordance to the stric regulation standards for ships,and rated in accordance with international shipyard standards and regulations.


Our preinsulated spiropipe system is made of galvanized steel sheets with a layer of 15mm mineral wool sandwiched in between the steel sheets,Pipes and insulation are pre-fitted for easy installation,The insulation,together with the outer and inner galvanized steel sheet pipes,provide an excellent guarantee against heat loss during the winter,and against condensation in the period of cooling all through the summer.


HISEA MARINE uninsulated spiroduct system is also made of galvanized steel sheets,but only consist of a single steel sheet without insulation,This system is mainly use to transport used air from the ship’s innards to the open deck,but can also be used to transport outdoor air to certain parts of the ship.


HISEA MARINE spiropipe system is ready for easy installation anc comes with special rubber seals to ensure air tightness.