marine power cable

marine power cable

marine power cable

Marine power cable application

Marine power cable is intended for various ships and offshore oil platforms and other offshore building electrical, lighting and general control use.

Marine power cable standards

Marine power cable performance standards : IEC60092-350, IEC60092-353 or GB9331-88 ,JIS C3410,BS 6883&BS7917,NEK 606

Marine power cable main parameters

the main parameters of Shipboard power cables are Model specifications , core number , combustion characteristics , rated voltage, temperature , nominal cross-sectional area and other major parameters.

Marine power cable certification


Our Marine Power Cable Cabling Machine

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Our mainTesting Equipment list

Load combustion testing machine

single cord vertical burning testing machine

Oxygen index tester

Heat Stabilizer testing machine

Non rotor rheometer

Punching Machine

Grinding machine


Plate rheometer

Cable fault locator

Wave reflection method Cable Fault Locator

Mixing machine

DC resistance bridge

Electronic tensile testing machine

Impedance meter

Working Frequency spark tester

Aging testing box


Thickness meter

Digital capacitive coupling tester

Low Temperature testing

High Voltage testing

Marine Power Cable Show

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Cabling Machine


Extruding Machine

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Finished Cable

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Testing Lab


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