Steel Tube Shot Blasting Machine

Steel Tube Shot Blasting Machine

steel tubes:

This kind of machines applies to clean the surface of large size of steel tubes. The steel tubes is rotating on the delivery conveying rollers when walks forward. And the working speed varies according to the different requirements. It also can be used to clean the surface of large size oil tank and steel bottles. It is widely used in the industry of oil and chemical.

If you want to buy shot blasting machine,could you tell me the answers as follow?

1) What kind of workpiece will you clean?

2) The size of it, length, width and height of maximum workpiece? Length, width and height of minimum workpiece?

3) How heavy is each workpiece? Especially the weight of maximum workpiece?

4) How many tons will you clean for each month or each day?

After get confirmation from you, our engineer will make the detailed technical parameters for your reference.if you have any requirements,pls contact with us.

Main Parameters

Model GT1000 GT2000 GT3000
Diameter of Blasing Turbe 200-1000mm 1000-2000mm 2000-3000mm
Length of Turbe 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
Working Speed 0.5-2m/min 0.5-2m/min
Impeller of Head Q034 Q034 Q034
Quantity 2 set 2 set 2set

steel tube

steel tube

steel tube


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